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Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with an Ion™ System control thermostat. It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Airquest system.

Control your comfort in your home with a smart thermostat that can learn your schedule over time!

Remote Access Extends Control to Anywhere

The Ion™ System control thermostat puts advanced temperature monitoring and adjustment in your hands, no matter where you may be. Check and change the temperature in your home or set your system into an energy-saving Away Mode using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device. So you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature.

Control zones of your home! Keep different rooms cooled or heated!

Enjoy Faster, More Responsive Service

Another incredible feature of the Ion™ System control is its maintenance reminders. Letting you know when routine maintenance or service needs to be performed. This gives you the added peace of mind that your system will be operating precisely as soon as possible. Each service alert and reminder is customizable for various time increments, depending on system requirements, so you remain in control.

Tailored Performance for Every Room

Ion™ System control Zoning divides your house into up to eight different areas, or “zones,” and redirects heating and cooling to those zones as needed. So you can keep temperatures right where you want them, without wasting energy on little-used areas.

Airquest Ion™ System control.

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Armstrong Air

One Touch Away Mode

Puts your system into an enhanced energy-saving mode when you leave.

Weather Data

Using its connection to your wireless network, Ion™ System control can display a five-day forecast and live weather alerts.

Check in on your home's comfort when you are away with paired applications!

Simple Scheduling

Helps you save energy with easy, intuitive heating and cooling schedules created around your lifestyle.

Touchscreen Operation

The bright, high-definition touchscreen uses simple menus and icons to make even complex operations incredibly easy.